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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As you probably know by now, yesterday (as of the time of this writing), Jan. 30th, was Francis Schaeffer's 100th birthday. Yet, what was astonishing was the vast celebration that transpired on the web. So many scholars, authors and teachers took time to remember Schaeffer. We here at noticed the trend early and posted updates to our fan page every 15-30 minutes throughout the day. It was a day to remember, with so many significant reminders of what Schaeffer meant to those who his thought has impacted. It was a wonderful collage of writings that served to affirm that Schaeffer is still respected. Here is a list we collected in case you missed this huge "splash" made on the web this weekend. There may be more, but this is what we found:

Friday the 27th

Kingsmeadow Study Center, Parish Presbyterian Church  & Cor­ner­stone Pres­by­ter­ian Church, launched their "Schaeffer 100" celebration.
Dr. Grant displays the Schaeffer 100 Cake.


Saturday the 28th
  • Francis Schaeffer Studies began posting updates and video segments on the Francis Schaeffer Centennial mini-conference.

Our video on the Francis Schaeffer Collection 
at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith & Culture.

Our video on the new True Spirituality studies coming this year.

Sunday the 29th

The Schaeffer 100 conference post pictures on Facebook:

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Monday the 30th, Schaeffer's Birthday
(note: not chronological)

Francis Schaeffer Studies releases first pictures of the Centennial Celebration.
Pastor Tony Felich of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, "Happy Birthday Francis Schaeffer," on the Reepicheep Blog.
A letter to Francis Schaeffer from R.C. Sproul Jr. on his 100th Birthday.

Remembering Francis Schaeffer - Made Alive With Christ Blog.
SEBTS post a comment from David Wells, as it begins it's 100 days of Schaeffer:
100th Anniversary of Francis Schaeffer's Birth by Nathan W. Bingham
Francis Schaeffer and a World in Desperate Need
By Lane T. Dennis, PhD, Crossway, President and Publisher -
Crossway Publishers on Francis Schaeffer's 100th - ~ In honor of Dr. Schaeffer many of his works are marked down to just $3.99!
Here are some great resources on Francis Schaeffer plus a chance to win his Complete Works.
100 Years of Francis Schaeffer - Faith Radio -
Author Don Sweeting: Remembering Francis Schaeffer: On The Occasion of His 100th Birthday
We featured our video on the Francis Schaeffer Collection at the L.Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at SEBTS.
The Gospel Coalition - Francis Schaeffer - 100 Years -
Francis Schaeffer 100 years -
Pastor Tony Felich of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, "Schaeffer On The Gospel" on the Reepicheep Blog.

VIDEO: Francis Schaeffer - 100 Years - Stand To Reason, Greg Koukl
Nancy Pearcy is on "Chris Fabry Live!" to talk about the 100th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer's birth.
Nancy pearcy was on Faith Radio to talk about Francis Schaeffer's legacy.
How Francis Schaeffer Saved My Saved Soul ~ Tim Challies' mother:
Rick Pearcy: How was FRANCIS SCHAEFFER different from the Evangelical Machine?
Happy 100th Birthday Francis Schaeffer! From Christian Heritage UK
Francis Schaeffer - 100 Years - Frank Gantz
VIDEO: Francis Schaeffer -- 100 Years by Jason Burns
Francis Schaeffer at 100 - Daniel Silliman
Francis Schaeffer at 100, and Edith Schaeffer’s wonderful note to me. Francis Beckwith
Happy Birthday, Francis Schaeffer - The Get Anchored blog. -
The Baptist Bulletin offering free reprint of Schaeffer's address “An Examination of the New Modernism," August 1950.
The shepherd poet: centenary of Francis Schaeffer:
More Portuguese Schaeffer celebration!


Tuesday the 31st

Covenant Seminary shares the "Legacy Project" interview with Dr. David Calhoun on his friend Dr. Francis Schaeffer (we are very honored).

SEBTS L. Russ Bush Center for Faith & Culture, continues it's 100 Days of Schaeffer, with contributors from various scholars.