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Saturday, March 16, 2013


It is already near the end of March 2013 and it is shaping up to be a very busy year. Where did the time go anyway? We are planning to use this year to catch up on a lot of the projects that have been pending for so long. However, as we continue to expand our work, the new projects keep building and sometimes the more immediate needs push back the existing projects.

Since all the work we do is done on our own free time, family comes first and we move forward as time allows. While we want to be diligent and disciplined in our pursuit, we also know that Schaeffer would recommend that we not be mechanical. So we sometimes have to stop and admit that doing everything on our mind is not humanly possible. This is one of those times.

Due to our heavy backlog we have decided to put several projects on hold, including the Schaeffer 101 project, until we can figure out how to best accomplish them or if we should even cancel them. 

The following is a list of the projects and a timeline starting from Dec. 2011  to 2013. If you are following a particular project this will be a good guide for you on the status. As we look back, even though we feel a bit behind, we are excited to see what God has done through these efforts. It always seems a bit funny to Jason and I when people tell us we are doing well, when we know the work is not quite where we want it to be, but maybe it is more what God is teaching us in those moments than how we feel. It is purely a labor of love and we hope that you have been blessed by the work.

~ Dan

Dec. 2011 - Pending Projects:
  • The Life & Works of Francis & Edith Schaeffer Class - Status: Papers Online, Re-Recording Needed (ON HOLD).
  • True Spirituality Class - Status: Papers Online, Filming Needed (ON HOLD)
  • The Wheaton Lectures Video - Status: Research is still being compiled. We hope to schedule a trip to Wheaton in the near future to film on campus.
 2012 Year Recap and Project Status:

Jan - Francis Schaeffer Centennial
     Photos - Status: Processed, Complete
     Francis Schaeffer Collection Promo Video - Status Complete, Released in Nov.
     Main Centennial Video Releases - Status: 2 video segments remain, one with substantial audio problems (ON HOLD)

Feb - L'Abri Conference
      Photos - Status: Processed, Complete
      VLOG Started - Status: (ON HOLD)
      Home Trip Video Footage (2012 Recap video) - Status: In progress.
      Spring Class Preparations - Status: Complete
Mar - Spring Class - The Mark of A Christian
      The Mark of A Christian videos - Status: 7 of 13 videos complete.

Apr - International Society of Christian Apologetics Conference 2012
     Photos - Status: Processed, Complete

May - "Speaking The Historic Christian Position" - Wheaton Lectures
      Book documentary research begins - Status: (ON HOLD)
      "Speaking The Historic Christian Position" book digitization process begins - Status: Complete, digitally imaged and OCR scan complete.

      The Francis Schaeffer Collection visit.
      Spring Class - The Mark of A Christian ends

Jun - New FSS Archive Server (Internal infrastructure) - Status: Deployed, Complete
      New video computer rebuild - Status: Complete.
      New work - Status: Partial   

     Video Released (A Centennial video) - Status Complete

Aug - Graphic goes viral "You're wrong is not equal to I hate you" graphic promotion.
      Fall Class Preparations

Sep - Fall Class - The Church Before The Watching World
      Status: Video editing on class to start in 2013.

Oct - L'Abri Day Conference on Creation
      Photos - Status: Processed, Complete
      Legacy Interview with Dick Keyes - Status: Complete
      Legacy Interview with Sylvester Jacobs - Status: Editing mostly complete, connecting with Sylvester to get needed graphics of his work before release if possible.

Nov - L'Abri Iowa Conference

      Fall Class - The Church Before The Watching World class ends.
      The Francis Schaeffer Collection 2012 Interview/Documentary Released

Dec - Reprocess of Interview with Jane Stewart Smith by Dr. Little.  - Status: Complete


Jan - Schaeffer 101 Project Announced - Status: (On Hold)
    Blooper Real Released - Status: Complete
    Stump Ian video released - Status: Complete

Feb -  L'Abri Conference Rochester
       Photos - Status: Processed, Complete

Mar - Ellis Potter Interview & Lecture Recording
       Photos - Status: Processed, Complete
       Video Work - Status: Ready for edit.

Apr - ISCA Conference
        Dan is presenting a paper on "Schaeffer and the Historic Adam." 
       (With the aid of Bill Roach.)

Other pending projects:
       2012 Recap video - Status: Mostly complete.
       Book review of "Presupposing"
       Book review of "3 Theories of everything"
       Book Review of "Schaeffer on the Christian Life"